8 juni 2011

White chocolate mousse..jummie!

Haha yep inderdaad vandaag eens iets anders dan nagellak en fashion, namelijk een recept voor witte choco mouse.Op school moesten we vorige week een recept schrijven voor de les Engels, en ik dacht waarom geen witte choco mousse, dus aanschouw hier mijn recept in het engels..have fun :)

So, I am going to explain how you make white choclate mousse for 6 people.
Let’s start of with the list of ingredients and tools you need to have.
The ingredients: 
-250g of delicious white chocolate 
-three eggs 
-80 ml full-cream milk
-350g cream
-a package of vanilla  sugar 
The tools:
-a mixer
-a pot to melt the chocolate
-a pot for mixing
-a spoon
You also need to have some patience to make the white chocolate mousse, because it takes a while until it is ready.
Let’s begin, the first step is to break the white chocolate in to small pieces so that it can mellt better, then you put it thogether with the full-cream milk and the vanilla sugar in the pot to melt. Make sure the melting is slow and not burning, if you melt it on a low fire you have less danger to burn the chocolate. If you don’t want to do it like that you can melt it au bain marie, if you melt it like that you have to first boil the water and than you have to put on top of it a bowl of glass whit the pieces of chocolate in it.  
Carefully mix the chocolate pieces until you see that a nice and smoothe paste is being formed.
 The next step is to split the eggs so you have the whites and yolks apart. The yolk of an egg is the yellow part. 
When you have split the eggs , set the choclate paste off the fire and let it cool for 5 minutes. Now gently mix the egg yolks in to the white choclate paste.
Whisk the cream whit an electric mixer untill it becomes a stiff pastery. You need to add very slowly now the whisked cream into the chocolate mixture. 
Now whisk the other part of the egg, the egg whites, until stiff peeks are being formed. Yo can also do the famous test to see if it is really stiff enough, take the pot and turn it over you head. If the pastery stays in the pot, you have mixed it very well. Stir the egg whites into the chocolate and cream, but do it very carefully and slowly so that the foamyness of the mixture remains.

Pictures are coming later... :)

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